Bo Burnham – INSIDE Deluxe Vinyl Boxset
We were asked to create a deluxe vinyl boxset for Bo Burnham’s lockdown phenomenon, the musical comedy Netflix Special, INSIDE. Bringing together the original songs, the newly released OUTTAKES, the score, and a lyric book. Inspired by lighting and effects within the show, and working closely with Bo, we created the boxset to act like a classic red-blue colour illusion, but with 3 colours – red, green, and blue.

The outer coloured APET sleeves are used to hide images and messages that have been printed on top of each other. Revealing stills from the show on the the inner-sleeves and song lyrics set on the slipcases.
We meticulously matched colours to make images disappear under the sleeves, and each one can be used with multiple images and song lyrics across the set. The red sleeve makes the red images disappear to reveal the blue or green images, green masks green, and blue masks the blue.