Caudwell Youth – Brand world
Founded in November 2022 and backed by entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell, Caudwell Youth supports at-risk young people through volunteer mentoring. Helping them in their transition to adulthood.

To capture the relationship between mentor and mentee we highlighted 2 dots within the wordmark – then these 2 dots start to have life of their own. They become anything and everything to help the brand communicate events, activities, and fundraising – headphones, speech bubbles, bicycle wheels, a compass, even a fishbowl.  

Using these dots and an active tone of voice the brand, not only is it acceptable for young people to be a part of, but more importantly it’s attracting mentors to volunteer.

Together, we can help shape young people’s future.
We also helped create a business focussed arm called Torchrunners. A community of business owners who can contribute skills and help wherever else they can.

Naming work in collaboration with Inqdrop